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Reasons to Pay Cash (or Card) for Heating Oil

Home heating is a must when it comes to the long, cold winter months ahead. But with Connecticut’s oil prices fluctuating daily, purchasing oil at the best price can be difficult. When it comes to home heating oil suppliers, you have a variety of options. But one of the main ones to consider if you don’t want to lock oil prices is cash/card on delivery (COD) heating oil.

There are many factors to consider when it comes to local CT heating oil prices, but what works for your home and your budget is what matters most. Here are a few reasons why you should consider paying cash or card on delivery for home heating oil.

Choosing Cash or Card on Delivery

Oil suppliers all have one goal in mind, and that is providing you with heating oil to keep your home and loved ones warm during the winter months. While all oil supplier’s goals are the same, their approaches can be quite different. While some suppliers do not offer COD, others who offer this service have varying policies.

Here are some of the benefits of paying cash or card on delivery for oil:

  • Paying When Delivered – When you pay COD with Advanced Heating Oil, on delivery we will charge you based on the price of oil on the day you ordered (even if the marketing price and cost of heating oil has increased since). Our heating services also allow you to pay for oil only after it has been delivered. This means our customers do not have to worry about paying for their heating oil prior to delivery. This COD option is useful to many customers who are working with a new supplier and seeking to build trust.
  • No-Contract Service – Standard heating often requires a set amount of home heating oil delivery in Connecticut, regardless of if you need it or not. However, when you pay cash or card for heating oil on delivery, you have no minimum number of deliveries required. It is only recommended that you notify your Advanced Heating Oil suppliers when your tank reaches 25{be8b8c25938281235c3d03789fce42ae2df280a7a821d0f95136c4194b475fa6} capacity. This ensures that you won’t run out and easily allows you to hit the 125-gallon order minimum.
  • Convenient Service – The benefit of choosing Advanced Heating Oil for your home heating oil delivery means it will arrive on time and exactly when you want it to. You can schedule your delivery date and time in advance – based on your schedule and availability. You can delay delivery, or order early depending on your specific needs. This flexibility allows for greater freedom and control concerning your oil deliveries.

Paying COD for heating oil is a convenient and flexible option for homeowners. This service provides both residents and businesses with affordable and high-quality oil with added benefits. The difference between COD and a pre-paid plan lies in your ability to control every aspect of the oil delivery process.

Advanced Heating Oil prides itself on offering quality COD oil for its esteemed clients in the Connecticut area. Contact us today to learn more about our home heating oil services or to schedule a delivery.