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Home Heating Delivery Services Near Old Lyme, CT

Advanced Heating Oil is proud to offer its services to the homes of residents in Old Lyme, CT. Our team has delivered home heating oil and propane gas to households in southeastern Connecticut for 100 years. While the industry has changed over the years, our commitment to customer service and completing top-quality work is just as important to us now as when we first began this business.

As a reasonably priced, professional, and reliable heating oil supplier in Old Lyme, Advanced Heating Oil is the Connecticut region’s preferred choice.

Local Home Heating Oil Delivery Services

At Advanced Heating Oil, our history of high standards and happy customers speaks for itself. We maintain a position as one of the leading home heating oil delivery companies in Old Lyme, working hard every year to ensure your family is safe and comfortable — even on the harshest winter nights.

Our dedication to customer satisfaction is evident from the number of customers who return to us each year. To do our best in serving you, Advanced Heating Oil offers various useful heating services to our customers. They include contracted heating oil, automatic tank monitoring, and emergency heating oil delivery.

Cash On Delivery Oil Services

Many people choose to establish heating oil contracts that determine when they will receive deliveries and at what price, but there are other options. In addition to contracted heating oil, we also offer heating oil with no contract requirements. This option is referred to as Cash on Delivery services (COD). When you use the COD oil services, we charge you the current price of heating oil per gallon listed on the day you place an Old Lyme heating oil delivery order. You can check out our website for the current price, which is updated daily!

While home heating oil contracts include a locked-in price and a set number of deliveries, COD is much more flexible and can be a budget-friendly option. The oil price in CT fluctuates drastically during the winter months based on increased demand from unpredictable weather. Our COD price reflects those changes, so be sure to get the best deal on your heating oil delivery in Old Lyme. If you request COD services for your home, we can save you considerably on your heating oil services in Old Lyme.

Automatic Tank Monitoring

Prevent stress, save money, and bring yourself peace of mind this winter with the Advanced Heating Oil automatic tank monitoring program. Automatic oil tank monitoring works by employing an automated system that keeps track of your heating oil use and notifies us if you need a refill. When your oil tank drops to a certain level, our system automatically schedules your heating oil delivery in Old Lyme! Just like with our COD oil services, you will be charged for the price of heating oil per gallon reported on the day your delivery order is placed.

You will also receive an emergency oil delivery service when you sign up for automatic tank monitoring. We recommend refilling your tank when it drops to 25{be8b8c25938281235c3d03789fce42ae2df280a7a821d0f95136c4194b475fa6} capacity. However, it is easy to forget to keep track while managing a busy schedule. At Advanced Heating Oil, we know that even the most prepared, diligent homeowners experience emergencies. If you ever find yourself in the unfortunate position of running out of heating oil in your home, we provide emergency deliveries of heating oil in Old Lyme seven days a week, 24 hours a day.

With Advanced Heating Oil, you never have to worry about your family being left in the cold.

Contact Advanced Heating Oil Today

If you’re looking for affordable heating oil, Advanced Heating Oil is one of the leading heating oil delivery companies in Old Lyme. For decades, we have offered CT residents high-quality heating oil at competitive prices along with exceptional customer service. Contact us today to learn more about how you can benefit from our heating oil services in Old Lyme!