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Cash Heating Oil

When looking to purchase heating oil in Connecticut, homeowners have several choices. While some will want the lowest price, others may be interested in better understanding the pros and cons of their options. One option is to purchase discount heating oil and pay “cash/card on delivery” or COD. The other option is to establish a pre-buy plan with a local home heating oil company. Here, we will explain some of the benefits of choosing to pay for heating oil in cash or card over a prepaid plan.

Cash on delivery doesn’t necessarily mean the customer has to pay in cash. Since COVID-19 has impacted the way people are purchasing and paying for services, Advanced Heating Oil has changed the payment method to card only. Essentially, COD calls for payment upon delivery, as opposed to a prepaid or full-service plan.

COD is available through many discount oil companies. Dealers deliver the cash fuel oil to your home, and the consumer is only responsible for paying when the oil is delivered, giving you more control over your home expenses.

Advantages of Cash on Delivery Oil Delivery

Pay On Delivery

With cash on delivery home heating oil in CT, you only pay for the cash fuel oil when it is delivered. This can be beneficial because you will not have to worry about paying anyone until you receive the fuel. Some people heavily prefer this option when working with a new vendor to build a trusting relationship.

Credit Is the Same Price as Cash

With COD oil delivery, you will not be charged more when paying with credit. Since the current health climate requires contactless payment, we have accommodated this change by charging the same price.

Contactless Delivery

Advanced Heating Oil’s COD plan also offers a contactless delivery, so customers do not need to contact or interact with the driver. This is just an extra measure we take for your convenience, health, and safety.

Why You Should Use COD Services for Your Home

Our COD delivery service allows you to order home heating oil whenever you need it. We recommend that homeowners order COD heating oil in CT when their oil tanks reach 25 percent capacity. This ensures you won’t run out of home heating oil before your delivery. It also means you’ll be more likely to meet our 125-gallon order minimum. In addition to flexibility, COD offers the following benefits:

  • Pay by Cash, Check, or Credit Card (Mastercard, Visa, and Discover) (currently to avoid taking payment in person we are suggesting that customers make electronic payments (credit card, debit card, or E-Check))
  • No Need to Sign a Contract
  • No Cash Due During Order Placement
  • Lock in the Prices of the Day You Order
  • Bulk Order Discounts for 200 Gallons or More
  • Order Online or Over the Phone
  • Schedule Your Delivery on a Day That’s Convenient for You

And should you decide that you would like a more consistent service, you can simply switch to our automatic home heating oil delivery at your convenience.

For questions regarding Advanced Heating Oil’s COD policy and plan, contact our team today.