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  • CT Home Heating Oil Delivery Services

Propane Home Heating Services

Do you need affordable heating oil for your home in Connecticut? At Advanced Heating Oil, we serve Southeastern Connecticut with our low cost, no contract home heating oil and delivery so you can enjoy comfortable indoor temperatures all winter long.

Heating Oil Delivery Services in CT

We are proud to offer low-cost home heating oil to Connecticut residents via the following services: 

Cash on Delivery (COD) Heating Oil Services

At Advanced Heating Oil, we offer no-contract home heating oil services, known as COD services, instead of contracted heating oil. With our CT COD heating oil service, you will pay the current heating oil price for the day you place your order, saving you money if/when price of CT oil decreases. 

When you choose us as your COD home heating oil supplier, you will pay the Connecticut market price for your home heating oil on the day of the delivery. And if you want to check today’s heating oil price, you can view it directly on our website

Automatic Home Heating Oil Services

Our automatic home heating oil service eliminates the worry of running out of home heating oil by automatically scheduling a Connecticut heating oil delivery once your tank reaches a certain number of gallons. Our automated software keeps track of your home heating oil usage and notifies us when you are in need of a refill. Once your oil tank reaches a certain level, an affordable heating oil delivery is scheduled. Like our COD delivery service, your invoice will reflect the current home heating oil price of the day you place your order, saving you money

Emergency Heating Oil Delivery

As an additional heating oil service, our automatic delivery customers are also able to get an emergency home heating oil delivery if you run out of home heating oil. Give us a call at 860-859-9070 for an emergency home heating oil delivery. If your CT home runs out of heating oil, you can count on us to provide you with a fast heating oil delivery. If you find that you run out of home heating oil often, consider signing up for automatic delivery so you can always receive timely deliveries. 

To sign up for our automated or COD heating oil delivery services in CT, call us at 860-590-4736. If you are experiencing a home heating oil emergency, call us right away at 860-859-9070.

Today’s Price

2.84 per gallon


125 Gallon Delivery