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  • Home Heating Oil CT

    Home Heating Oil FAQ

Propane Heating Systems in CT
  • Where do you deliver home heating oil?

    • Bozrah
    • Canterbury
    • Chester
    • Clinton
    • Colchester
    • Deep River
    • East Haddam
    • East Hampton
    • East Lyme
    • Essex
    • Franklin
    • Griswold

    Home Heating Oil Delivery in Southeast CT

  • Do you offer emergency heating oil delivery?

    Emergency heating oil delivery is available for all Automatic Delivery customers. Sign up today. Already an Automatic Delivery customer? Call (860) 859-9070 for emergency home heating oil deliveries.

  • I’ve heard horror stories about homes running out of heating oil. Do you offer automatic heating oil delivery services?

    Yes, our automatic heating oil delivery is easy and reliable. If you live in Southeastern CT, make your week easier and sign up for our automatic delivery services

  • What can I do to make sure I’m not spending more than I need to on home heating oil?

    The first step is to buy your home heating oil at the best rate. We are proud to post our COD prices daily to make it easy for customers to compare.
    Secondly, make sure your home heating system is operating efficiently. Your boiler needs to be checked routinely to ensure it is functioning optimally. Checking air supply and ventilation systems such as chimneys helps to ensure proper working conditions and save you money. 
    Finally, consider installing a “smart thermostat” to regulate the overall heat use in your home. Automatic temperature monitoring can add up to significant savings. If you can live with a slightly cooler home, every 1 degree you lower your temperature can save you up to 3.5{be8b8c25938281235c3d03789fce42ae2df280a7a821d0f95136c4194b475fa6} annually.

  • Do you have a minimum gallon requirement for home heating oil delivery?

    We require a minimum delivery of 125 gallons and offer a discount on orders of 200 gallons or more. Price your home heating oil delivery service

  • Do I have to be home when you deliver my home heating oil?

    No, we will not need access to the house for a delivery. Our team simply requires entry to your oil tank outside of the home to provide you with our heating oil services.

  • Is home heating oil safe?

    Yes, home heating oil is one of the safest fuels around as it can only be ignited by an advanced burning system in your oil-burner or furnace. Also, unlike natural gas, heating oil fumes are not fatal.

  • How long after I complete my order will you deliver my oil?

    Our team of heating oil experts will have home heating oil delivered to you within the next day of completing your order. However, our heating deliveries can fluctuate based on demand.

  • Is there a best time of year to purchase home heating oil?

    No, but we do recommend that you check our site often for the lowest heating oil prices in CT and up-to-date market forecasts. Our website updates oil prices daily, so you know exactly how much heating oil costs per gallon.

  • How do I know when I need to order oil?

    We recommend ordering home heating oil when your oil tank is ¼ full to ensure that you don’t run out when you need it most, especially when temperatures drop.

  • What is the best temperature to keep my home?

    Whatever temperature is comfortable for you and your family. You have the option to control your heat depending on what is most enjoyable. If saving money is your goal, setting the thermostat at 68 degrees Fahrenheit will save energy and keep costs in check.

  • Why do oil prices rise and fall?

    Oil is a commodity, making it subject to supply and demand pricing models. When more people need heating oil, prices will rise, and once the demand falls, prices will, too.

  • How fast can you deliver home heating oil?

    Our team will deliver home heating oil as fast as the next day. However, the speed at which we complete our heating delivery services will fluctuate based on demand.

  • Do I have to make an account to order oil online?

    No, you can choose the ordering process you feel most comfortable with. You can set up an online portal account here, submit an online form here to be contacted to confirm your heating oil delivery, or call 860-859-9080 to place your order.

  • How do I pay for home heating oil?

    One option is to purchase discount heating oil and pay “cash/card on delivery” or COD. The other option is to establish a pre-buy plan with Advanced Heating Oil. Please note, Advanced Heating Oil has changed the payment method to card only. Essentially, COD calls for payment with a credit card, debit card or e-check upon delivery.

  • What happens if I order more oil than my tank can hold?

    Our technicians will notify the office and our team will adjust accordingly.

  • What other heating services does Advanced Heating Oil offer?

    Advanced Heating Oil offers automatic home heating oil delivery. Our full service partner, Mohegan Oil, offers 24/7 emergency delivery & HVAC service, service contracts, and annual maintenance at preferred rates.

  • Are all oil tanks the same size?

    No, the most common size oil tank is 275 gallons, however, there are also 330 gallons, or multiple tanks manifolded together for increased capacity.

  • How do I know how big my oil tank is and how much oil I need?

    There should be a manufacturer rating plate on your tank which specifies the capacity.

  • How is heating oil made?

    Heating Oil is refined from crude oil into different “fractions” by using a distillation process. The middle distillates are then further refined to produce gasoline, kerosene, jet fuel, diesel, and No. 2 home heating oil.

  • Do you deliver home heating oil in snow storms?

    We will continue to make home heating oil deliveries as long as the roads are safe for our drivers and trucks.

  • What is a “Prime & Start”?

    When an oil system runs out of oil, air can get into the oil line. A Prime & Start is a service to purge any air out of the oil line and restart the appliance.

  • Can heating oil freeze?

    In our climate, heating oil will not freeze, but in extreme cold temperatures, the oil can become thick (gel) to inefficiently pass through the oil line. This situation is most common with outdoor oil tanks. At your next order, ask about our fuel additive options to help prevent gelling in your tank.