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How to Read Your Oil Tank

To keep track of how much oil you’re using to heat your home, you need to know how to read the gauge on your oil tank. Regularly checking your tank’s volume will help understand how much and how quickly you’re using oil. Here’s how to read the gauge and when to call for a refill. The most common way to read an oil tank is through a gauge that’s installed on your tank, typically on the top. The gauges are clear tubes, with floating discs on the inside that point to the corresponding oil level. Look at where the middle of the disk lines up with a tick mark to get the most accurate reading. Most oil tanks have tick marks that look like this:
  • F
  • ¾
  • ½
  • ¼
  • E
We recommend refilling your tank when the oil level is at  approximately ¼ or more, which will give you ample time to schedule a refill and avoid running out of oil as the temperatures drop.

Rely on Advanced Heating Oil

The best way to stay on top of heating your home is to set up Automatic Oil Deliveries with Advanced Heating Oil. Call our office to schedule your first automatic delivery when your tank is approximately ¼ full. Our target for oil delivery is about 125 gallons or more, but your initial fill with automatic deliveries should be about 180 gallons. During the first year, stay on top of the amount of oil in your tank. If you notice that your tank is below ¼, simply call and we will schedule a delivery for the next day. Our system becomes more accurate with each delivery and will adjust accordingly. The longer you receive automatic deliveries, the more accurate we can be. If you find yourself in an emergency situation—whether it’s in the middle of a snowstorm or your equipment malfunctions—we can help no matter the time. Call  us at (860) 859-9070 for emergency home heating oil deliveries. We look forward to servicing your heating needs this winter! Learn More