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Advanced Heating Oil Services Near New London County, CT

Bracing for these chilly winter months is tough, but Advanced Heating Oil is here to keep you warm all winter long. Keeping warm during winter storms is important to us, so becoming a home heating oil supplier in New London County, and the surrounding Connecticut area, is one of our proudly offered services. We are happy to provide home heating oil services to as many residents throughout southeastern Connecticut.

Local Home Heating Oil Delivery Services

Providing home heating oil services in New London County, Advanced Heating Oil offers customers affordable, at-home delivery for various heating-oil-related services. Operating mainly out of Groton, Advanced Heating Oil proudly serves the community in and around New London. Whether it be a scheduled delivery or emergency heating oil delivery service, our home heating oil professionals will make sure you stay warm throughout the winter.

Maintaining low CT home heating oil prices with reliable service is a key factor in our business model at Advanced Heating Oil. We work to ensure that you have access to the best at-home heating oil delivery services at the most affordable prices, regardless of order frequency or size.

Emergency Heating Oil Delivery

Even during the coldest nights, Advanced Heating Oil offers emergency home heating oil delivery services in New London County, ensuring that you and your family are kept safe in your time of need. Typically, with our automatic tank monitoring system, gauges placed in your fuel tank send an automatic alert to our system, indicating that you need a refill.

However, we recognize that accidents happen, either by miscommunication, hard-to-access older systems that could be confusing to read, or general faults in our volume indicators. To combat this, our emergency home heating oil delivery services allow for customers to get their heating oil refilled, along with line maintenance services provided by our talented team of technicians.

Cash On Delivery (COD) Oil Services

COD, is designed to let customers purchase heating oil as needed without signing up for automated delivery. For COD oil in New London County, CT, Advanced Heating Oil is here to help.

This allows customers purchasing smaller quantities of oil the ability to avoid larger, long-term contracts, creating a more adaptable and easy to manage service. By avoiding a contract, changes in the market price of oil are only observed on an order-by-order basis, avoiding a set price as established in longer scheduled delivery contracts.

COD oil services can be delivered to your home as you need, regardless of quantity. To save you the most money, our COD oil services allow you to pay a flat market rate for oil, which is updated daily and can be found on our website. Customers using our COD oil services are guaranteed the same experience as our customers contracting us for scheduled deliveries.

Automatic Delivery and Tank Monitoring

At Advanced Heating Oil, we offer automatic delivery services along with a guaranteed tank monitoring system designed to make sure your heating oil levels are accurate and up to date. Although tank monitoring is not included with every delivery service, this system provides you with access to software designed to notify you when you require a refill. When your oil levels indicate the need for a refill, you will be notified and asked to schedule an automatic home heating oil delivery.

Similar to our pricing system for cash home oil deliveries, the daily market value of heating oil will be what you pay for your delivery, as mentioned previously. This price transparency allows you to have more access to pricing in your budget, ultimately helping you get the best price on the day of your delivery.

Choosing Advanced Heating Oil

Established in 1915, Advanced Heating Oil has been a local institution in New London County, providing service for over a century to the families of the region. We’ve maintained fair prices, quality service, and high-quality products for over a century, and we have no plans in changing this commitment to our customers any time soon. With even more locations across the region, we offer the same high-quality heating oil services in New London County.

Looking to purchase at-home heating oil delivery in New London County? Advanced Heating Oil is happy to provide our services to accommodate your needs. Contact us today to schedule a consultation, or to request more information!