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Home Heating Oil Delivery in Bozrah, Connecticut

Advanced Heating Oil is dedicated to helping residents stay safe and warm, all winter long. Our company offers high-quality home heating oil, delivered quickly and at the lowest possible cost. There are no gimmicks with Advanced Heating Oil—we update our oil prices daily so you know exactly how much you’ll be paying when you place an order.

We have been serving Bozrah for over 100 years. While the oil industry has changed a great deal during the past century, our commitment to providing high-quality oil and related services to our valued customers remains constant.

Beyond our affordable oil prices, we provide a variety of convenient oil delivery options including:

Call us to schedule a delivery at (860) 859-9080 or via our online contact form.

Proudly Serving Bozrah, Connecticut

Local Heating Oil Delivery Services

Cash on Delivery (COD)

Cash on Delivery, or COD, is a no-contract service that allows residents to place an oil order only when they need it. This differs from an annual heating oil contract, which requires a set number of deliveries per year.

Given the volatility of the market, COD price varies depending on the day you order. This option is more budget-friendly than a standard heating oil contract because you’re not locked into a price or delivery dates, regardless of the current state of the market.

Using COD gives you the freedom to only fill up on your schedule when you need it. Our team of professionals recommends that residents place an order with us when their oil tanks reach 25 percent capacity because it ensures you won’t run out of oil before your delivery while guaranteeing you’ll meet the 125-gallon order minimum. In addition to flexibility, COD offers the following benefits:

In addition to cost-effectiveness, COD heating oil services offer many other benefits, including:

  • Pay by cash, check, or credit card (Mastercard, Visa, and Discover) Note: Due to COVID-19, we are currently only accepting credit cards
  • No contract necessary
  • No cash due during your order placement
  • Price reflects on the day you order
  • Bulk order discounts on orders of 200 gallons or more
  • Ability to order online or over the phone
  • Schedule your delivery at your earliest convenience

If you decide that you want a more consistent service, you can switch to our automatic delivery service at your convenience.

Automatic Deliveries

Advanced Heating Oil guarantees swift delivery to your home automatically with the use of our computer degree day system. We are able to calculate the initial delivery cost based on the information you provide as well as your usage history with us.

To schedule your first delivery, please call our office ahead of time when your tank is approximately 25 percent full. Our target delivery amount is 180 gallons. During the first year of using our services, we recommend that you keep an eye on the amount of oil in your tank. If you notice that your tank is below 25 percent full at any time, give us a call and we will schedule a delivery for the next day. Our system becomes more accurate with each delivery and will adjust accordingly based on that information; therefore, it’s vital that you let us know of any changes that may affect your consumption.

Please note that the automatic delivery agreement and our liability are conditioned on customers purchasing oil from Advanced Heating Oil. Customers agree to accept and pay for heating oil delivered to their home in accordance with the terms and conditions set forth in this agreement.

Automatic deliveries can be paid for by the following methods:

  • Valid credit card pre-authorization—we accept Mastercard and Discover at the same price as cash. Visa requires a $0.05 per gallon surcharge
  • Customers can authorize Advanced Heating Oil to debit their checking or savings account
  • Payment of sufficient funds into our segregated escrow account

For more information regarding automatic deliveries and to fill out an application, please visit our website.

Emergency Delivery Services

At Advanced Heating Oil, our team understands that life throws you curveballs and your oil can run out at the worst possible time. We want you to remain warm, comfortable, and safe throughout the winter months—it’s our top priority. That’s why we’re proud to offer emergency home heating oil delivery services to customers 24/7, 7 days a week. Contact us today to see if emergency home heating oil is deliverable in your area or for any other questions!

As a leading Connecticut heating oil supplier, we also offer professional installation and repair services, heating system diagnosis, propane services, and home heating oil delivery. We have extensive experience working with heating equipment from leading manufacturers and can help any customer get the most value out of their system.

Our team recommends that customers schedule home delivery service when their tanks reach 25 percent capacity to aid in preventing shortages; however, we understand that homeowners may forget to check their oil levels or have older systems that make assessments more difficult.

Contact Advanced Heating and Oil

For the best home heating oil prices in Bozrah, look no further than Advanced Heating Oil. For more information regarding our home oil delivery service options or to set up an appointment, contact us by phone at (860) 859-9080 or via our online contact form.

Trust the Professionals

Advanced Heating Oil accepts cash or credit for your oil delivery. We aim to keep our home heating oil prices as low as possible by buying all of our products in bulk when the barrel cost is low. This helps us maintain consistent  cash pricing and prevent large fluctuations. We also list our daily cash heating oil prices directly on our website, so what you see is what you get.

Advanced Heating Oil strives to provide customers with efficient, affordable home heating oil delivery. Whether you’re choosing COD, automatic, or emergency delivery, you’ll get a fair Connecticut oil market price for the day you place your order. From all of us at Advanced Heating Oil, have a warm, safe winter!