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Cash on Delivery (COD) Services in Connecticut

Cash on Delivery (COD) Services in Connecticut

Are you looking to pay cash for home heating oil in CT? Advanced Heating Oil offers Cash on Delivery (COD) services to residents and businesses in Southeastern Connecticut. We are committed to offering affordable and high-quality home heating oil delivered whenever you need it so you can enjoy a warm home all winter.  

What is COD Delivery?

With COD delivery, you pay for your CT heating oil when it is delivered to your home. It is a no-contract service that allows you to place an order only when you need it. This is different from a heating oil contract, which requires a set number of deliveries per year.
When you order COD heating oil services, the price of your home heating oil will depend on the day you order it. Because of this, cash on delivery services are often more budget-friendly than a standard heating oil contract. For example, a contract includes a locked-in price for heating oil, regardless of how the market fluctuates. With COD, you pay the exact daily CT oil price each time you order, meaning you could see higher or lower prices than contracted customers. 

Why You Should Use COD Services for Your Home

Our COD delivery service allows you to order home heating oil whenever you need it. We recommend that homeowners order COD heating oil in CT when their oil tanks reach 25 percent capacity. This ensures you won’t run out of home heating oil before your delivery. It also means you’ll be more likely to meet our 125-gallon order minimum. In addition to flexibility, COD offers the following benefits: 

Pay by Cash, Check, or Credit Card (Mastercard, Visa, and Discover) Currently only accepting Credit Cards due to Covid-19
No Need to Sign a Contract
No Cash Due During Order Placement
Lock in the Prices of the Day You Order
Bulk Order Discounts for 200 Gallons or More
Order Online or Over the Phone
Schedule Your Delivery on a Day That’s Convenient for You

And should you decide that you would like a more consistent service, you can simply switch to our automatic delivery at your convenience.  

The Advanced Heating Oil Difference

With Advanced Heating Oil, you can pay cash or credit for oil in CT and won’t have to worry about being overcharged. We keep our home heating oil prices as low as possible by buying all of our products in bulk when the barrel cost is low. This helps us maintain a consistent cash heating oil price and prevent large fluctuations. We also list our daily cash heating oil prices directly on our website, so you know exactly what you’re getting when you order.
We have been servicing residents of Southeastern Connecticut for more than 100 years. While the oil industry has changed a lot over the past century, our commitment to providing top-of-the-line services to our customers has not. When you need low-cost heating oil and on-time delivery, you can count on Advanced Heating Oil.
For more information about how to pay cash for oil in CT, or to schedule your COD service, please contact us at (860) 590-4417 or via our online contact form.