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Propane Delivery Near Old Saybrook, CT

Advanced Heating Oil is proud to be a top supplier of oil near Old Saybrook, CT. For over 100 years, our team has committed to bringing the same value-driven customer service based on honesty and integrity that has made Advanced Heating Oil southeastern Connecticut’s premier home heating oil provider. We look forward to being your preferred heating oil supplier in Old Saybrook.

Local Heating Oil Delivery Services

At Advanced Heating Oil, we are happy to offer various heating oil services in Old Saybrook and surrounding southeastern Connecticut. Our goal is to provide the most competitive prices on home heating oil while offering the best customer service experience possible. We understand the importance of keeping your family safe and warm in your home during the Old Saybrook area winters.

Besides providing high-quality heating oil delivery in Old Saybrook, we offer heating system diagnostics, installation, and repairs. Our home heating oil delivery services include automatic tank monitoring, heating oil delivery, and emergency heating oil delivery.

Cash on Delivery Oil Services

Advanced Heating Oil offers both contracted heating oil services and Cash on Delivery (COD) to provide easy assistance and payment options. When you need Old Saybrook heating oil delivery for your home, you should receive the best pricing possible. If you choose a COD option, it will provide you with more flexibility when it comes to oil pricing, and you will pay the current price per gallon for heating oil posted the day you order your delivery. The most current CT home heating oil price is updated daily and available on our website.

Choosing COD oil delivery is a cost-effective option for homeowners with a thorough knowledge of their home heating system and the flexibility to be home during delivery. COD allows you to only pay for the amount of oil you currently need to fill your oil tank. We recommend that homeowners schedule home heating oil deliveries when their oil tank is about one-quarter full.

Automatic Tank Monitoring

Choosing Advanced Heating Oil’s automatic tank monitoring system is an easy way to simplify your home heating needs and save time and money. Based on initial home energy usage information and our automated system, which tracks your heating oil use, we can provide an automatic oil delivery service to ensure your tank always has the amount of oil you need. As with our COD oil delivery service, your price is based on that day’s heating oil price per gallon.

Your initial fill should be about 180 gallons or when the oil tank is at the quarter-full mark. If the tank should reach a quarter full before your next scheduled delivery, give us a call, and we will adjust the delivery schedule to the next day. Automatic tank monitoring and delivery service offer you peace of mind knowing that your Old Saybrook home will stay warm this winter.

At Advanced Heating Oil, we understand the importance of keeping your family home safe and warm. We also realize that you may run out of home heating oil due to unforeseen circumstances or situations out of your control. Life can get in the way of you checking your oil levels, older tanks may be hard to monitor, or you may experience equipment failures that cause you to call for emergency oil delivery. Whatever the reason, Advanced Heating Oil is here to provide you with prompt and friendly emergency heating oil delivery 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Contact Advanced Heating Oil Today

If you’re looking for affordable oil services in Old Saybrook, CT, Advanced Heating Oil is your best choice for heating oil delivery companies. We continue to provide southeastern Connecticut residents with the same quality heating oil, competitive pricing, and exceptional customer service that have made us industry leaders for decades. Contact us today and let Advanced Heating Oil help you with your home heating oil delivery needs!